Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reindeer in home decor

Yesterday, I was browsing in the Indian Art Center of California. (People in the LA area, this shop is a must-go. It's on Ventura Blvd, between Coldwater Canyon and Whitsett.) The lovely 72-yr old owner, Helen, was showing me around and explaining different pieces and the artists that made them, when she placed my hand on a pelt. It was the winter coat of a white reindeer, and I fell in love. Instantly, I imagined this beautiful pelt draped over a piece of minimalist furniture in a clean, crisp room with light grey walls and whitewashed hardwood. This morning I'm looking to see what amazing rooms I can find that use reindeer or similar pelts in their decor. (Animal lovers - although I do love fur, I only support hunters who use the entire animal. Helen said this artist used everything from the hooves to the teeth to the antlers and bones in his Native art.)

I especially love this first bedroom, which belongs to Juli and John, owners of Mjolk. Their Toronto-based design centers on Japanese and Scandinavian influence. You can check out their blog at Gorgeous!

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