Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Listening to a little Bon Iver this morning to get in the mood. I've had my coffee, and I'm getting down to business.

I'm working on a new piece this morning! My goal is do complete two new pieces for the shop before next Monday. If all goes according to plan, I'll beadweave a strip of these lovely labradorite chips together, lined with copper tubes on the edges, then sew the beadwork to a piece of leather for the face of a bracelet.

My workspace is what I call "controlled chaos". I like to see pictures of other people's studios or shops, where they have their own little room with an inspiration board, a desk, and plants. Right now, though, that's not possible for me - I work on our kitchen table. If we get a house someday, I'd love to have a little room just for my work, but for now there just aren't any rooms available! Once the business starts picking up, I'd like to buy a desk where I can set up my station, but for now I'm content to remain portable. I could use a little organization help, though!

Yikes, right?

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